Rabu, 19 Maret 2008

Our Demand is Disbandment the “Terminal III”!

Opening of The Arrival Registry office of Indonesian Migrant Workers done by The Minister of Manpower and Transmigration Erman Suparno yesterday (18/3/2008) shows the failure of Indonesian government in catching aspiration truthfully from the Indonesian Migrant Workers (IMWs) on the existence of special terminals of IMWs that well-known as "Terminal III".

The new building is built upon 3000 meter2 areas in Selaparang, Cengkareng, which done by using the national budget (APBN). But need to be noted, the process of planning process The Arrival Registry office of Indonesian Migrant Workers was done without open consultancy forum between government with public, especially Indonesian Migrant Workers and organizational or its supporters.

Development process that been done without public consultancy openly causes accountability aspect of the project are need to be questioned. In this case there are some things that is properly is noted.

First, process of planning the project was not started with announcement of audit on management of terminal III. Even mass media and the BMI eventually report the practice of extortion to BMI, but until now response to the practices still very low. Government impressed not dare to announce how much fund per year obtained from IMS as the administration fee or Terminal III.

This fund of course had been abolished officially last year, but it does not mean that the Rp 25,000 (US$ 2.7) fund that pulled from BMI since the year 1999 to 2007 was also disappeared. Audit is important to know how much/many amounts stepping into governmental cash and how much evanescent is battened by the government officer in terminal III.

Second, till now, government has not even if announces how big fund obtained from result is extorting IMWs. There’re no government officers of terminal III that had been punished caused by extortion of IMWs. There is also no sanction for some companies inside the terminal III; such money-changer companies, that blatantly extort the IMWs by cutting the price of currency under standard applied. Last, government seems doesn’t have political will to return fund obtained from result is extorting BMI to BMI or her/his inheritor. In the essence, public, particularly IMWs have not see the serious effort of government in fighting against profiteering under cover and extortion to IMWs.

Third, governmental also have never even if unfolds weakness of system causing terminal III which been manifested as “hell” for IMW. The Government nor have ever replied criticism IMW about discrimination and unfolds new system about service to BMI which remain based on at respect to equality of rights as citizen.

Last, there is no guarantee that the new office will bring a good effect for repair of service system at the time of BMI as stakeholder which will be served have never been entangled. Even, it is not impossible, new building of that will become new camouflage to wrap all worse practice of grinds and exploitation to BMI.

Hence, we are still at our initial demand; call to disbandment of terminal III and all kinds that basically alike. Hence, we refuse opening of The Arrival Registry office of Indonesian Migrant Workers.

Enny Lestari
The Association of Indonesian Migrant Workers

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